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Puppies for Sale Singapore

Why own a puppy?

There are many reasons for owning a dog, among them are the sheer fun and unconditional love a dog offers.

For many people no aspect of dog ownership is more rewarding than the bonding, nuturing, and trust that come from raising a puppy. It's a remarkable experience on many leaves. Regardless  of how hectic or demanding life is, the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a puppy keep you grounded and remind you to appreciate what is really important in life-your relationships with the people and animals around you. In addition, modern science has proven that daily interaction with a dog is just plain good for you times! Studies have shown that owning a dog lowers stress, encourages regular daily exercise, and often speeds recovery times after major surgery.


A puppy can enhance your life-as a devoted friend, a watchdog, a playmate, an exercise buddy. But owning a puppy is a two-way street. Are you prepared with the added responsibility? If you are prepared to cope with added responsibility and are ready to be an owner, you will need to determine which dog is right for you, choosing one who will fit in with your lifestyle.


We have different breeds that fits in with your lifestyle. Let us help you to find a  puppy of your dream.

We are able to identify a breed that fits in your lifestyle. 


 We advocate responsible pet ownership and there will be a pre-sale screening to better ensure that the customer is well-informed and can be a responsible pet owner. 




Why choose our Pet Shop?


  • Pet Shop with Grade A graded by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority)

  •  Clean, dry and safe environment

  • Our puppies are treated like our family members and we ensure their well being. 

  • We promote responsible pet ownership and educate our customer so they can make informed choices.

  • All puppies are allowed to exercise, socialise. and undergo basic training as the things puppies learn between seven and 14 weeks of age will determine their personality.

  • Our puppies will be vaccinated twice against canine distemper, parvorvirus and infectious hepatitis and microchipped. 


You can contact our Pet Shop at 88776368 to discuss the available puppies for sale and viewing.

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