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Our Story

Our Pet Shop provide dog owners & lovers with the right mentality of getting their right choice of puppy into a new home.

Woofy represents all breeds of doggy since first puppy's barking whereas hugs indicate lots of physical yet most direct way to show our continous love & endless care to him/her. We use 'his or her' instead of it because they are precious living mammal & they should be treated as one member in new family, regardless of genders like any children in the house.

Beside showing good emotions, we need to know how to take care of them well from foods, health maintainence, grooming till training.

Dog is family!

As dog owners overselves, we are willing to share our personal experience, knowledge of handling puppies  or even professional grooming expertise to new puppy owner or passive dog lovers. To us, like newborn babies, they learn toilet training like pee or poo training & should keep good habit of drinking, eating or learn new & basic commands like sit,down & come commands from time to time during puppy stage.We always believe prevention is better than cure & most, bad habits can be chopped off or reduced further.We always think a healthy puppy comes from healthy parents & their proper growth. As such, we will ensure our breeders are ethical & knowledgeable to see more healthy & lively puppies into the new world.

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