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Find Pet Shop Puppies for Sale Singapore?


 Ready to become a dog owner but not sure what puppy to get. Call our pet shop at 85339046 now for a discussion if you are looking for Pet Shop (Puppies for Sale) in Singapore.


We will be happy to ensure you select a puppy thats fits into  your lifestyle . First you need to decide on a dog type and then your lifestyle.


Deciding on Dog Type


Pure Breed (Pedigree)


By choosing  a pedigree dog such as Poodle, you know in advance not only its potential size and energy requirements but also a good deal about  its temperament. Choose a temperament compatible with your own.


Cross Breed

A crossbred Cavoodle dog, such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix, often combines beneficial attributes of both parents eg one definite characteristic of its temperament is its gentle nature and also because one of its parents is a Poodle, it may have a tendency to want a significant amount of attention and special treatment.


Family Pet

A dog like  like large Munsterlander revels in human and canine companionship, and delights in vigorous.


Large, Active Dog

Rottweiler need plently of space for its daily exercise but is wary of unfamilar people and dogs. You should only enquire a breed like this if you have ample experience in dog handling, since a large dog  can be hard to control without proper training.


Small Companion 

Compact but robust, chihuahua offers companionship like most toy breeds. Yet it is also surprisingly effective little guard dog.



Puppy or Dog?


If you get a puppy, you will have more control over her learning during the first few months of life. If you have children, your puppy will grow up with them, learning to be tolerant and unafraid of children in general.  Raising puppies requires time, energy, patience and a sense of fun. House training is required if you get a puppy.


Although many adult dogs make wonderful pets and mature dogs can entertain themselves and won't need your undivided attention, be prepared for unexpected behavioral problems because some dogs have had previous homes. Such dogs, may take a while to settle



Where to obtain a Puppy in Singapore if you have decided to get a puppy?


You can contact our Pet Shop at 88776368 to discuss the available puppies for sale and viewing.


Why choose our Pet Shop?


  1. Pet Shop with Grade A graded by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority)

  2.  Clean, dry and safe environment

  3. Our puppies are treated like our family members and we ensure their well being. 

  4. We promote responsible pet ownership and educate our customer so they can make informed choices.

  5. All puppies are allowed to exercise, socialise. and undergo basic training as the things puppies learn between seven and 14 weeks of age will determine their personality.

  6. Our puppies will be vaccinated twice against canine distemper, parvorvirus and infectious hepatitis and microchipped. 
















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