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Labrador Retriever Puppies


Developed in the nineteenth century from Newfoundland water dogs. By the end of the century out-crosses with Flat-Coated and Curly-Coating Retrievers and Tweed Water Spaniels were needed. All Labs traced to Lord Malmesbury's dog Tramp.


Appearance of Labrador Retriever Puppies/ Dogs

  • Drop ears set well back

  • Powerful neck

  • Level topline

  • Weatherproof, short, yellow coat

  • Moderate stop

  • Broad head

  • Black nose fades to light brown with age

  • Broad chest

  • Round, compact feet

  • Broad head

  • Medium-sized, hazel eyes

  • Characteristic "otter"tail, round and well haired



Origin Canada


Life Span 10- 12 years


Height range 22 in (55-57cm)


Weight range 55-82lb (25-37Kg)


Color cream, chocolate, black


Character good tempered, excellent companion and fine gundog. Adaptable, devoted and kind with children.


Exercise needs plenty. Has tendency to put on weight if given insufficient exercise, or overfed.


Grooming regular brushing.


Feeding  1 1/2-2 1/2 can (400g size) of a branded meaty product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies Good-tempered, intelligent, strong will to please. Kind, gentle nature. Keen and biddable. Popular choices as assistance dogs. Good sense of smell combined with their trainability means they are excellent sniffer dogs.

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