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Pomeranian Puppies





Named after Pomerania in the Baltics where some early dogs sent to England originated.


Appearance of Pomeranian Puppies/ Dogs.

  • smooth-haired fox-like face

  • Abundant frill around neck, shoulders, and chest

  • Soft fluffy coat

  • Heavily plumed tail carried over back

  • Longer hair on hind quarters



Origin Germany



Life Span  12-15 years


Height range 9-11 in (22-28cm)


Weight range 4-6lb (2-3Kg)


Colors any color


Character adores lots of attention, is a lively and robust little dog, is also good with children.


Exercise need regular exercise in the garden or park.


Grooming must be groomed with stiff brush everyday and be regularly trimmed.


Feeding  approximately 1/2 can (400g size) of a branded meat product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies Busy little dogs that can be a bit yappy if owners let them. They adore attention and will show off at every opportunity. Fearless with bigger dogs and highly indignant if challenged. Some can be short-tempered seek out parents of sweet nature.



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