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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


The larger pet Yorkies look more  like the original breed than the tiny, delicate show specimens. Originally a tough, sturdy little terrier bred to catch rats in the Yorkshire mines. Breeder rapidly turned the Yorkie into a fashion accessory.


Appearance of Yorshirk Terrier Puppies/ Dogs

  • Dark eyes have intelligent, alert expression

  • Black nose

  • Small erect V-shaped ears

  • Fine, silky, dark steel-blue coat

  • Level back

  • Tail darker than rest of the body

  • Long coat parted in centre from nose to end of tail for show purposes

  • Long facial hair (topknot) tied back with ribbon

  • Rich, bright tan facial and chest hair 




Origin UK


Life Span 12- 15 years


Height range 8-9 in (20-23cm)


Weight range up to 7lb (Up to 3Kg)


Character alert, intelligent terrier in a small frame.


Exercise will walk its owner literally off his/her feet in the country, or settle for a walk in the park.


Grooming daily brushing and combing for the pet owner. Continuous work for the show aspirant.


Feeding approximately 1/2 can (400g size) of a branded meaty product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies The fiery terrier temperament often surfaces. A brave guard dog which usually attempt to catch a rabbit or rodent. Intelligent, affectionate pets which put up with pampering but appreciate a good walk and been treated like "real' dogs.

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