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American Cocker Spaniel Puppies


The breed was developed in Americia from English Cocker Spaniel imports. The main changes occurred around 1920 when the dogs started showing more height at shoulder, longer necks and a change in head type. Coat also increased.


Appearance of American Cocker Spaniel Puppies/ Dogs


  • .Pronounced Stop

  • Low-set ears, fringed with long, silky hair

  • Long, wavy, coat

  • Sturdy, compact body

  • Large, round eyes

  • Conspicously rounded head


Origin USA


Life Span 12-15 years


Height range 13-15in (34-39cm)


Weight range 15-31lb (7 to 14Kg)


Colors Any color


Character the 'Merry Cocker' has an ever-wagging tail, is beautiful, intelligent, obedient and a first-class family pet.


Exercise originally bred for hunting, the Cocker needs and enjoys plenty of exercise, particularly as, with its love of food, it can be in danger of losing its waistline.


Grooming daily brushing and combing to avoid tangles. Mind those ears don't drop into the food bowl and become matted. Many owners peg them back at feed time.


Feeding   1-1 1/2 can (400g size) of a branded meaty product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies The hunting instincts of the breed are deeply submerged and it would take considerable effort to re-awaken them . Enjoys the companionship of people and is very adaptable. Very biddable and easy to train.

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