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Cavalier King Charles Puppies


King Charles II's dog appear in many paintings. When dog shows started, the breed began to change-flatter faces were popular. In the 1920s, a prize was offered for the dog most like paintings and the Cavalier King Charles was established.


Appearance of Cavalier King Charles Puppies/ Dogs

  • Short muzzle

  • .White lozenge mark on head

  • High-set, pendant ears

  • Long, silky, well-feathered, Blenheim-colored coat with slight wave

  • Well-defined stop

  • Feathering on back of legs


Origin UK


Life Span Over 12 years


Height range 12- 13in (30-33cm)


Weight range 11-18lb (5 to 8Kg)


Colors King Charles, Prince Charles


Character affectionate, sporting and brave.


Exercise enjoys a good walk with its owner.


Grooming daily brushing with bristle brush, eyes should be kept clear of tear streaks.


Feeding  3/4 - 1 can (400g size) of a branded meaty product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies Sweet, gentle dogs who love family life. Very adaptable to the needs of children and older people. Friendly, outgoing, affectionate, easy to train and very intelligent. Constantly wagging tails. Good with cats.

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