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Chihuahua Puppies

















The smallest breed of dog in the world. Widely believed to have orignated in Mexico, but some evidence suggests a Mediterranean birthplace.


Appearance of short-haired Chihuahua Puppies/ Dogs.

  • Large, round eyes

  • Distinctive apple-shaped head

  • Fawn coat with lighter underparts


Appearance of long-haired Chihuahua Puppies/ Dogs


  • Large, triangular bat-like ears

  • Medium-length tail carried high over back

  • Smooth, glossy red topcoat

  • Small dainty feet



Origin Mexico


Life Span Over 12 years


Height range 6-9 in (15-23cm)


Weight range 4-6lb (2-3Kg)


Colors any color


Character devoted, clannish, keenly intelligent. Spendid miniature guard.


Exercise don't be misled into thinking that Chihuahuas are just for carrying. They can be, but you would be surprised how much they enjoy a good walk.


Grooming brush with a soft brush and rub down with velvet pad or chamois leather to make the coat gleam. Don't neglect tears stains around eyes.


Feeding 1/3-1/2 can (400g size) of a branded meat product, with kibbles added in equal parts by volume.


Temperament tendencies A big dog in a small body. Agile, courageous and quite fiery. Intelligent companions who thrive on love. sometimes shy and suspicious of strangers. Quite enthusiastic mousers. Good with cats and other pets.




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