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Maltese Puppies


There is a dispute as to whether the breed originates from Malta or Melita in Sicily. Statues depicting a similar-looking type of dog have been discovered in Egyptian tombs and it's possible the Romans brought the breed to England.


Appearance of Maltese Puppies/ Dogs

  • Long facial hair tied back with ribbon.

  • Silky long white coat

  • Tail carried over back with hair to one side

  • Dark brown, oval-shaped eyes with black rims

  • Well-feathered, long ears hang close to head

  • Short, cobby-or square-body


Origin Malta


Life Span Over 12 years


Height range Up to 10in (Up to 25cm)


Weight range 4-7lb (2to 3Kg)



Character Brave, energetic, and fearless dog, but also gentle mannered and amiable.


Exercise gentle exercise.


Grooming good daily grooming with a bristle brush; the topknot is tied with a bow.


Feeding relatively small appetite.


Temperament tendencies Thanks to a long partnership between this breed and Man, they have a special temperament.

Gentle, good with children and obedient. Very loving and intelligent and capable of learning many commands.

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